About Me

I am a licensed Psychotherapist in both Experiential Unification Psychotherapy (the Romanian Society of Experiential Psychotherapy) and Family and Couples Systemic Psychotherapy, being affiliated to the Romanian Psychologists’ College and the Institute for Couple and Family (Iasi).    

Through my professional experience, I developed competences in working with individuals who have experienced severe psychological trauma. Given the difficulty and challenges of the domain but also out of the desire to provide services in line with the needs of the clients, I participated in numerous seminars and short terms trainings both in Romania and abroad (the Institute for the Research and Treatment of Trauma conferences, seminars organized by Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, from Great Britain, and meetings held by international organizations).

I work for the people, with respect for the needs, rhytm and personal resources of each client. I have a great trust in our healing capacities and in the right of each individual to feel better with themselves, to maintain close relations with their family but live autonomously, in agreement with their own life principles and not in opposition or identification with other persons’ choices.    

I do not engage in judgemental attitudes and nor do I give advice; I try to create a comfortable atmosphere, to better help you feel safe in sharing the reasons which brought you in therapy. I acknowledge that the values guiding your life may be similar or very different from mine and therefore, our work together will take into account your beliefs in order to create and implement a functional solution. I do not hold any “univeral cure” solutions but show availability to work together and discover the solution tailored for you.